Sorry about my absence

Admin is not my forte
I realise I have been very lax in keeping my site up to date, painting is my love and everything else takes time to get round to. An update on my exhibition at The Landmark Arts Center last year. It was extremely successful and I sold quite a few paintings and prints as well as making lots of new friends and clients. My Tiger, Tiger went to Portsmouth and Going Home the painting of Venice went to America plus 6 other paintings. I have since the last time I posted on here painted 4 pictures on commission one for here in England and the rest shipped to America.

I am at the moment working on two commissions for two different clients one of a Romany caravan and horse and the other a 7 foot Caribbean seascape. I will post some of the more recent paintings very soon any the 2 latest commissions when finished.

Best wishes and thank you for looking at my site, Gaynor